• Social Eater - Level 1

    Prove your Major League Eating fandom and place this NFT in your wallet. Social Eaters form the foundation of MLE’s passionate fanbase, and they get early access to contests from coast to coast and all year long. If the spray zone is your idea of heaven, the Social Eater NFT is for you.

  • Competitive Eater - Level 2

    Boost your alliance with Major League Eating and prove your love of memorable meals and unforgettable times with Competitive Eater Status. On July 4, 2022, Competitive Eaters will be given a limited edition MLE Koozie and food vouchers for a Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog and French Fry. Oh, and if you’re in town on July 1, you’re invited to a special viewing area at the Weigh-In Ceremony at Manhattan’s Hudson Yards.

  • Championship Eater - Level 3

    Stack the plates high with this, the most exclusive Major League Eating NFT. Championship Eaters will have an opportunity to hang backstage with the Champs competing at each and every MLE contest all season long. On July 4, 2022, holders of these NFTs will visit backstage to grab a picture with MLE superstars, have a chance to participate in the event itself by being an official flag carrier in MLE’s Annual Procession of International Flags, and more.

Each NFT includes the benefits of the tiers below it. E.g. Level 3 includes Level 1 and Level 2 Benefits

  • 1. Create A Wallet

    You need a digital wallet to hold and transfer NFTs. We recommend MetaMask and sequence.app. Below is a simple guide to creating a MetaMask wallet.

  • 2. Send Wallet Address

    You'll need to provide us with your wallet address so we can deliver your NFT right to you! If you're having trouble finding your wallet address, find instructions here.

  • 3. Receive Your NFT

    Once you've purchased, all you have to do is wait! We'll send it right to you, and you can check it out at opensea.io or other NFT marketplaces!

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How To Create a Sequence Wallet

How To Create a MetaMask Wallet