Major League Eating

Championship Eater

Championship Eater

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1. Create A Wallet

You need a digital wallet to hold and transfer NFTs. We recommend MetaMask and Below is a simple guide to creating a MetaMask wallet.

2. Send Wallet Address

You'll need to provide us with your wallet address so we can deliver your NFT right to you! If you're having trouble finding your wallet address, find instructions here.

3. Receive Your NFT

Once you've purchased, all you have to do is wait! We'll send it right to you, and you can check it out at or other NFT marketplaces!

Edition Size of 10
  • All Social & Competitive Eater Benefits
  • Ticket to NYC's The Edge on July 1st, 2022
  • Backstage photo op with MLE eaters on July 4, 2022
  • Participate in July 4, 2022 event as an official flag carrier 

Future Rewards

  • Presale access to future NFTs
  • Rewards and access at future MLE events (i.e. Buffalo Wing Festival, Thanksgiving Turkey competition, etc)
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